Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Fresh Start

I'm starting this blog over in an attempt to actually use it! LOL! I don't know how many times I said I was and then never posted a damn thing. I've decided to stick with the food theme cause that's what I know best but I'm going to actually post my eating clean, portions, prep, grocery lists and tips from other bloggers I follow along with Tosca Reno. Who is my Eat Clean guru and I have read every last one of her books to fully understand the concept of why and how to eat clean. I will help to answer any question you might have and will be sure to give credit to those were it is due.

I'll start out by saying I was always skinny growing up. I was a very physically active girl in every sport and especially swimming in the summer. But I ate like crap as a kid cause my metabolism was through the roof!!! So everything I ate I burned off. Now getting into my late twenties/early thirties I've noticed my metabolism has slowed and its due to lack of eating properly and working out to help keep my body in tip top shape. Now I wasn't "fat" in my unhealthy early to mid twenties. I was over weight but I didn't have fat rolls (thank GOD!) So I could hide it well. But I felt it, I felt unhealthy. I finally decided to fix it , since embarking on a new decade of my life, I need to make changes in all areas. First with my eating. I think this can be the hardest and easiest thing for most of us to do. I cut out all fast food, yes all except for a few sit down restaurants where I knew I could get a great salad. I also started a full body cleanse with the help of some awesome people! Celeste and Phil Davis of The Wonderfully Well Workshop. Please take the time to read their blogs, listen to their podcast and read their book! They have lost over a 100 pounds each on their journey. Plus they have some really great recipes! I bought their e-book read through it thoroughly and started my eat clean journey two years ago. Yes it's taken me a full two years to actually have eating clean as a habit of mine now! These things take time people, its not just over night, or popping a magic pill that makes you feel good. It's a mental and physical battle, I can promise you that once you really start researching what is in the food you were eating you will never touch it again.

After having gone through their wonderful detox I went back and actually started cutting out the recipes from my Oxygen Magazine, that I was also subscribing to for 7 years now but never really took it serious. I always said one day that will be me! This is how I discovered real eating, clean eating and why it's so important for our bodies. I literally bought every one of Tosca's books on Eat Clean last summer and decided to make a commitment to myself and to my body to start actually living what I've been preaching. I have also learned that the number on the scale isn't important cause muscle does way more than fat and you can actually gain weight (healthy muscle) while loosing fat, so don't beat yourself up if you gain a pound or two in the process of changing your body. I think we as Americans are so consumed with numbers and loosing numbers on the scale that we forget the changes we are making in our body and that they take time and some times it takes a long time. It has taken me 6 years of living unhealthy to be where I was at two years ago and it has taken me 2 years almost 3 to get back to being my healthy self that I was in high school and college. I suggest that you get motivators and those can be anything, pictures from the past, pictures of a healthy body, written words or goals, or my favorites!!! Personal hero’s! I have a few of those! My oldest sister who is a health nut and tri-athlete, shoot her whole family is! My bestie guy friend who has lost over 100 pounds this past year and a half!!!! 100 POUNDS!!!!!!! On his own, without a nutritionist or trainer just with his pure determination and he looks amazing!!! We also try to hike on the weekends to stay active. Tosca Reno is the mother of all hero’s and people I look up to. She has had horrible times and have kept pushing through to reach her goals and accomplish major things in her life! I want to be her when I grow up. Or at least start an Oxygen hub in Nashville! ;)

I will leave you with this. You are what you make of yourself so get down to it and actually do it!!!! There is nothing you can not do if you set mind to do it! I've learned that the hardest thing for me is over coming the mental game that happens and how shoot it the hell down and even run in the freezing cold rain! Your determination is everything in this life. You have only one body start living in it to the fullest and have the best body you can have! I'm happy and healthy at a size 6, who the hell wants to look like a skin and bones super model. Not this chic I like my natural curves too much to get down to that low of weight! lol! Sorry a little vain here. Strong is the new sexy!

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