Friday, March 1, 2013


I was wanting to include these in yesterdays post but figured there was already too much information to take in and read. For those of you who actually started reading the post and checked out all of the links, I'm sure your brains were hurting and were over whelmed with information. I'd rather have you well informed and do the research than be in the dark on what your putting into your body. Now that being said here our my edibles list and more links on the information for these products.

Apple Cider Vinegar
I love, love, love this stuff!!!!! I have had major issues with acid reflux and indigestion, both hereditary from my mom's side of the family. Thanks Mom! In our world today it doesn't help that we eat fried, hi in fat, unhealthy foods along with sugar and loads of unnecessary acids from sodas and alcohol. I have read and heard from numerous people that I should be drinking this on a daily basis. One of those being Tosca Reno and her amazing wisdom on all things Eat Clean. She has an amazing article on her blog that I have linked above. I drink 1 - 2 Tablespoons a day in my water. Yes, it is strong it is vinegar but it's worth it and helps keep bloating at bay!

Coconut Oil
Another product I'm addicted too! I cook with it, shave with it, wash my face with it, oil pull with it, and make homemade lotion and body washes. I even eat it by the spoon full, yes! I love coconut and coconut oil has some crazy awesome benefits for your body. Read more from Tosca Reno here on the oil. I love coconut oil! It's an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, among other awesome benefits. I have not gotten sick yet this past year since starting to ingest this on a regular basis.

Coconut Manna 

This I just straight up eat with a spoon or spread on my toast and it has a high protein content. It's also wonderful in smoothies too! It taste amazing!!!

Whey Protein Powder
When it comes to protein powders it can be helluva confusing. Here is a link to Whitney Carlson's He and She Eat Clean blog that go in depth into the different proteins. I like Optimum Nutrition brand. They taste better and go down way easier than the millions I've tried, well not millions but you get the idea. I also like Sun Warrior and have been using their Greens, see below. I use Optimum Nutrition Any Whey, its a flavorless powder I use in smoothies, make brownies and other goodies with.

Casein Protein Powder
 On days I work my muscles hard, i.e. arms, legs or overall heavy duty workout, I drink this stuff before bed so that my muscles can fully rebuild. A blurb from on Casein Protein. I love this stuff and can feel the difference it makes in my overall repair.

I also cook with a lot of herbs, citrus and real sea salt. Making any change in your life takes time to see the benefits. Like with the supplements I've listed yesterday you really have to give them at least a month or two to see the real impact they are making in your body and health. Don't give, keep going! Remember what you put in is what you get out, no more excuses. Cause excuses are the nails that built the house of failure!

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