Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to Eat

    In the past few blog posts, I've gone over what to take and why along with some basic principles of eating clean. Now we will go over your eating habits and why this is the most important thing to focus on. Nutrition is not only key but is futile to achieve the body you have always wanted. I know this is hard for some of you but that is only because you have been eating junk for too long and its the only thing your body wants. Or your excuse is, "it's to expensive to eat healthy". That's a load of bull crap!!!! I eat healthy and on a budget, yes shopping at Kroger, Publix, VitaCost and Costco. I only shop at Whole Foods for my specialty items no one else has and for their awesome chicken and meat sales!! Once a month they have chicken on sale for $1.19 a pound!!!! People I don't just buy for the week I try to buy for the month and freeze what I don't use for that week. When you do not feed your body what it needs it will constantly be hungry and you will be constantly feeding it the junk that makes you fat and unhealthy. This is a deadly and dangerous cycle and it can be broken. Like before, I recommend that you do a cleanse to rid your body of all the toxins, byproducts and sugar these previous foods contained. This helps to break the chain that' s binding you to these foods. I also recommend you completely switch over to water and water only with the exception of coffee and teas only sweetened with non sugar products that do not contain aspartame. These include coconut sugar (my personal favorite), stevia, agave nectar, honey, real maple syrup and nectresse. The reason why I say no aspartame is because this is a by product of e-coli, yes the deadly bacteria that can cause death well aspartame is basically e-coli feces! Don't put it into your body. If you are going to drink those diet beverages they are doing more harm than good. I'd rather you grab the full sugared beverage instead but in reality you shouldn't even be drinking these. Drink water!
     On to eating and eating well. I suggest you look at your body as a machine and the things you consume are fueling this machine and has an effect on how your body responds to every day life. Also the amout of food you eat is very important. Now, what I'm about to tell you might not make sense at first but there is a science behind it. You need to be eating a lot of food and at least five times a day. You will not loose weight unless you eat more, the reasoning behind this is to keep your metabolism revved. You know that thing your body does to burn fat and to burn fat around the clock even when your not working out! This only occurs when you do not skip any meals and you are feeding your body with healthy living foods. Eating five small meals a day every day insures, 1. proper nutrition, 2. keeps you full so your not snacking and 3. boots the crap out of your metabolism so you burn more calories i.e. fat!!!! OH!!! and your wont have any 3:00 pm down and out, I need a nap feeling. You will have constant energy. This is a simple conception that goes back to when we were kids and even babies. If you ever noticed your kids or in my case nieces and nephews always being hungry or wanting to eat and the result is they have so much energy you wonder when the heck are they going to conk out? This is why, they are eating frequently and hopefully eating healthy too. Eating this way insures no failure in loosing weight. You can count points and cut calories but when you eat this way and your eat the right foods you never have to that ever again! Good bye Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and what ever else stupid diet foods are out there. This is not a "Diet" it's a lifestyle change and you will be following this the rest of your life, if you so choose to. See my graph below that I'm borrowing from another blog.
    Here is an example of my day along with what I might eat. I eat five meals a day sometimes even six depending upon my workout for the day. I eat every 3 hours and every three hours on the dot. I try to wake up by 5:30, upon waking up I drink a 8 oz. glass of water I set by my bed the night before. I will either stretch or do yoga.(You don't have to do this I'm just showing you an example of my day but it is a great way to start it!) I eat by 7:00 am and no later. My 7:00 am meal consist of either 3 scrambled egg whites with one yoke left in or my favorite veggies frittata that I make on Sunday prep days. I will also add some of my garlicky kale, chopped bell pepper and half an apple to this meal. I will usually drink grapefruit juice with my powdered supplements mixed in and/or green tea. If you want have oatmeal with berries or fresh fruit along with the eggs you can. I'm seeing that I kinda eat Paleo even without trying! That's another blog and another day. (I'm learning I'm gluten intolerant :( I love bread, but have cut out all gluten except for a treat snack every once in a while. Honestly I don't miss it one bit.) My 10:00 am meal consist of 3 to 4oz. of protein, usually salsa chicken along with my garlicky kale salad and avocado with lime juice on it. My 1:00 pm meal is my "lunch" meal and is pretty much like my 10:00 am meal except I usually have a huge spinach salad with a homemade vinaigrette and fresh goat cheese with strawberries. I'm also drinking about 16 Oz. of water with each meal through out the whole day. My 4:00 pm meal is the same as my 10:00 am meal, 3 to 4oz. of protein, usually salsa chicken along with my garlicky kale salad and avocado with lime juice on it. You can switch this up if you want, either having Jamie Eason's eat clean brownies with some sort of fruit or veggie or her meatloaf muffins, my personal favorite. My 7:00 pm meal usually follows at least 15 minutes after my nightly workout if not immediately after. (My evening workout is either HIIT training with core training (aka Crossfit), 3 mile run with weight training afterwards.) This meal is usually 4 to 6 oz of protein with a low carb side, like baked sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa and/or salad with some type of veggies. For me I love asparagus, broccolini, squash or carrots. With all my preparations and meals I always try to use a healthy fat to insure my body is getting enough fat to burn fat. I usually use coconut oil or grape seed oil. Check out Tosca Reno's blog on sexy fats.

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