Thursday, April 11, 2013

Clean Eating Pet

Gunner and Shelby
    You are probably asking your self, "What the hell?" Well as I have been researching dog food and the harmful effects it has on my pets I wanted to be sure that I'm feeding the most natural thing they can eat. Having lost two dogs to cancer over the years there is a direct link with feeding them table scraps (in the form of processed foods and candy) and processed dog food. After listening to a few fellow schutzhund goers in my group that they feed their dog a raw diet I was intrigued! Most high end breeders and showers feed their dogs this and for a reason. It the closest thing to them eating in the wild and it provides raw enzymes along with other important nutrients that are left out or cooked out in regular dog food. So I decided to do some digging on the benefits and reasons for feeding your dog raw. Be sure you weigh your options but I thoroughly enjoy cooking so this was up my alley plus I'm controlling what is in.
The Reasons:
1. The fist and most important reason for me was their teeth!!! I can't afford to pay to get all three of my dogs teeth cleaned twice a year at $300.00 per dog! I do brush and us an enzyme plaque busting gel on them every week. Feeding raw helps their teeth stay white and rid them of plaque, most of the plaque build up is from dry dog food and the products they use to keep the food together during drying, aka. preservatives. I have a rule if you wouldn't eat it or feed it to your kids why give it to the dog?

2. The second most important to me, their breath becomes odorless. This is because of their digestion becoming more normal and easier to digest the food and to process it quickly. Most of the products I put in it help aid in digestion, breath and other stomach issues. They systems are way more delicate than ours.

3. Brilliant and shiny fur/hair and skin. ever notice some dogs just stink, like German Shepherds? Gunner no longer has that weird oily smell, as I can describe it best. It also helps keep shedding to a minimum.

4. Better digestion and passing. A huge benefit is that you don't need to have their anal glands cleaned out cause when they eat this way it bulks their poop up and the result is a suppressed gland in exit.

5. Weight control!!!!!! This is the most biological identical appropriate diet for your dog and they use all the calories that are in it so there is no waste, and you will also notice their poop is smaller too because of this.

6. They are sick less, this is due to a lot of things aka, CARBS: corn, wheat, grain and other byproducts and fillers that they can not digest and can't process these foods so it passes through them or they throw up. Feeding them raw eliminates this.

7. Cost, this can be more expensive or cheaper depending upon where and what you put into it. I is half of what I was paying a month for premium organic dry dog food and they love it even more.

    As with everything do the research for your self because what works for one doesn't always work for them all and usually the results take a month or two to see a noticeable difference. I purchase my grind at Nashville Pet Product, they place a monthly order of 40 lbs. for me. A grind is a mixture of meat, organ meat and bones all things your pet needs and would have ate in the wild and it's all organic of course.

10 - Tubes of Blue Ridge Beef Grind - 2lb. each
1 - whole Salmon Filet (I usually find this at Costco, it's a pretty huge piece not the typical small filet. It's about 16 inches in length)
2 - bunches of kale
16 - carrots
4 - green apples or any apples
2 - 12 oz package of fresh blueberries (I also get these at Costco due to them being the same price as one small pint at the regular grocery store)
2 - bunches of parsley
4 - cans of organic unsweetened pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling
4 - roasted sweet potatoes
12 - whole eggs, boiled (shell and all)
1/2 cup - Coconut Oil
1/2 cup  - Flax Seed Oil

    I run all the ingredients through a food process in batches except for the beef, this insures that everything will be in a small edible bites for the dogs and will get mixed evenly into the mix. I dump all the ingredients into a large bowl and add the beef and oil. Make sure you mix and incorporate all the ingredients well. I portion out the food into plastic bags for each meal. My German Shepherd will eat two cups for each meal so he will eat a total of four cups per day. My Yorkie girls will eat 1/4 cup for each meal so 1/2 cup per day. This will last me 2 to 3 weeks. Be sure you freeze them all after packaging and be sure to take some out the night before for the day of serving. Please if you have any questions let me know. You can mix this up and add papaya, broccoli, spinach, strawberries or raspberries. I just compiled my ingredients from a few websites I searched and if you dog gets really constipated or even has the runs give them a scoop of pumpkin, this is a miracle saver for poop issues in dogs and it settles their stomachs. You can also add in some vitamins and supplements too. My favorites are: coconut oil, flax seed oil, fish oil, probiotic for dog, Bragg's Nutritional Yeast, Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, Solid Gold Sea Meal, Solid Gold D-Zyme.

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