Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Clean Eats: Fast Food Edition

  Everyone by now, knows I'm a firm believer in putting only clean healthy foods into your body. For me its easy. I'm organized and make all my meals on Sunday and have them in tupperware and ready to go for each day. But there are times I forget to grab my meals in the morning or on the weekends I'm running errands and need to eat and do not have my snacks with me. On such occasions I usually have been grabbing a low carb, no sugar(made with honey) protein shake from Smoothie King. To which I have been addicted to since I was in middle school in Texas. Having them in Tennessee has been a God sent especially when I'm sick and can't get food down or keep it down. These are perfect and get my body the fuel and nutrition it needs. That being said you do need to be aware that they do have smoothies that are not as healthy for you and are more for indulgence. There are days I want something other than a smoothie to fuel me up, my solution, Panera. That's right! Panera Breads!!!! They have come out with a new line of foods geared towards us health nuts and clean eating freaks. Finally! Someone is getting the bigger picture and jumping on that band wagon in the food industry. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen my post of these "bowls". I'm obsessed with them and all their goodness.
    I came across these bowls around Christmas time when I ran in to get something for breakfast as a "treat" meal. I saw this little sign by the register advertising for breakfast Power Bowls, I was hooked! I haven't seen any advertising for these items until I came across an article about their secret menu. Why the hell is it a secret? I have no clue. I believe if they advertised it more and made it known, more and more people would order them. Hence, why I'm dedicating a whole blog post to it! In the hopes that you, my friends and consumers will start eating them. Also, to start a  frenzy so they will actually have these on the menu full time and visible, no less. These bowls are created with out carbs in the form of bread aka. GLUTEN! They are packed full of nutrition and protein and on top of that taste freaking amazing, unlike anything I've ever had at Panera. Here is a link to the article from their website along with the menu. I have also posted pictures of the menu and my pictures of the items I've ordered off the menu. Enjoy! And hey go try one, you will be amazed at how good they really are.

     I personally have had both breakfast bowls and they are both amazing! I favor the turkey one with roasted turkey, spinach, egg whites, roasted red pepper and basil pesto to top it off. YUM! The other breakfast option is a take on a southwest omelet with steak, over easy eggs, tomatoes, avocado and topped with salsa.

    The third bowl I have tried is off their Lunch/Dinner menu, The Power Chicken Hummus Bowl. I have yet to try the other three but I love this one!!!!! Its is made with spinach, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, roasted Antibiotic-free chicken and topped with cilantro jalapeno hummus and a lemon. I love hummus, no I'm obsessed with it! So I lean towards this one but the other bowls look amazing too.These recipes are pretty simple to recreate at home and I have on many occasions. The ingredient list is on the website in the link above and for the bowls they just top them with fresh squeezed lemon juice. So simple!

    Be sure to stop by your local Panera and give these a try, eating healthy and fast has never looked or tasted sooooo good! And be sure to check out all the links!

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